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Melbourne, Australia May 23, 2024 ( – Prepare to descend into the depths of depravity with “Manhattan Zodiac ’77,” the latest cinematic masterpiece from the twisted mind of director Hedwig Schreck. Astra United proudly announces the long-awaited DVD and Blu-ray release of this gritty and sleazy crime thriller that exposes the darkest corners of 1970s New York City.

In “Manhattan Zodiac ’77,” audiences are thrust into a world of moral decay and urban squalor, where a weary, alcoholic detective confronts the seedy underbelly of Times Square. As he pursues a sex-obsessed psycho responsible for a series of gruesome murders, the lines between justice and vengeance blur, and the shadows of the city’s past loom large.
Starring Anja Belle, Greta Krauss, and Helmut Pratt, “Manhattan Zodiac ’77” features a stellar ensemble cast that brings the sordid streets of 1970s NYC to life. With its dark and atmospheric cinematography, the film immerses viewers in a world where danger lurks around every corner, and no one is safe from the killer’s twisted desires.

Director Hedwig Schreck, known for her uncompromising vision and mastery of suspense, delivers a tour de force with “Manhattan Zodiac ’77.” Schreck remarks, “This film isn’t just a film; it delves into the human psyche amid a tumultuous 1970s New York City. I aimed to capture its chaos, where danger and desire entwine. Through our characters, I challenge viewers to confront their inner darkness, provoking thought and questioning beliefs. This film transcends borders, uniting audiences globally. I’m proud to infuse my German perspective into this quintessential American tale, hoping it resonates worldwide, urging viewers to embrace life’s complexity.”

This long-awaited masterpiece, the culmination of Schreck’s artistic vision, is finally available for audiences to experience in the comfort of their own homes. “Manhattan Zodiac ’77” is available now on DVD and Blu-ray via Amazon.

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