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Immunic Inc CEO Daniel Vitt joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss the ongoing challenges and recent developments in treating multiple sclerosis (MS). This interview took place in conjunction with World MS Day, a day dedicated to raising global awareness about this debilitating disease. Vitt emphasized the significant unmet medical need for effective treatments, noting that MS affects approximately 2.8 million people worldwide. The disease often leads to progressive physical disability, with many patients eventually requiring wheelchairs for mobility.

Vitt explained that early diagnosis is crucial for MS, as it allows for more timely and effective intervention, which can significantly slow the progression of the disease. He highlighted Immunics innovative approach to MS treatment, which targets both inflammation and neuroprotection. This strategy is designed to address the complex nature of MS, which involves both inflammatory and neurodegenerative processes.

Immunics lead drug candidate, vidofludimus calcium, is currently in clinical development for both relapsing and progressive forms of MS. Vidofludimus calcium works by activating a protein called Nurr1, which provides direct neuroprotective effects in addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits via DHODH inhibition. This dual mechanism of action makes it a promising candidate for comprehensive MS treatment.

The drug is currently undergoing a phase 3 clinical trials for relapsing MS, with results expected in 2026. Additionally, a phase 2 clinical trial for progressive MS is underway, with results anticipated in April 2025. These trials aim to further validate the safety and efficacy of vidofludimus calcium in addressing the diverse and challenging aspects of MS.

Vitt expressed optimism about the potential of vidofludimus calcium to transform MS treatment. He cited the drugs safety profile and its demonstrated efficacy in clinical trials as key factors contributing to this potential. If successful, vidofludimus calcium could become a critical tool in the fight against MS, offering hope to millions of patients worldwide.

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