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Discover and organise your photos effortlessly with the new Photos Search app by Fluntro, available now on iOS. Experience advanced search capabilities, intuitive design, and seamless photo discovery all in one powerful app

Cupertino, California May 24, 2024 ( – Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Photos Search by Fluntro, a revolutionary app that transforms the way you discover and organise your photos. With cutting-edge text-based image search technology, the Photos Search App allows users to effortlessly find and manage their visual content by searching for specific words within their photos.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling through your photo library. Simply type a keyword or phrase, and the app will analyze your photos for matching text, making it easier than ever to find the images you need. Navigate through an extensive library of high-quality photos with ease, entering keywords and suggestion tags to find the perfect image for any occasion. Enjoy lightning-fast search results, as our efficient algorithms ensure that you find relevant photos in seconds, saving you valuable time and effort. Fine-tune your search with advanced filtering options, narrowing down results by camera source, camera lens, date, and more, ensuring you discover the precise image you’re envisioning. Refine your search with intelligent filters, quickly locating desired text within your photos by narrowing down your search by date. View EXIF data to understand the technical details of a photo, such as camera settings, ISO, shutter speed, and geotagging, which can be useful for photographers and enthusiasts alike. Enjoy a sleek and intuitive user interface that puts the focus on the images. Photos Search’s clean design allows for effortless navigation, making it a joy to explore and find the perfect visual masterpiece. Photos Search seamlessly integrates with your existing Photos app, allowing you to search for text within your photo library without the need to import or transfer photos to a separate app. We prioritize the security of your personal data. Photos Search is designed with privacy in mind, ensuring that your images and sensitive information remain confidential and your data remains locally on your phone. Photos are NEVER uploaded to any of our servers. Please note that the process of indexing photos may require several hours to complete. Consequently, photos corresponding to a specific keyword will be visible in the search results solely subsequent to the completion of their indexing process. Whether you are a professional photographer, an art enthusiast, or someone who loves exploring beautiful imagery, Photos Search is here to make your search for photos a delightful and hassle-free experience.

Fluntro has a proven track record, having launched the EXIF Viewer Photography app in January 2015. The app has been Featured by Apple in the USA and Canada App Store. It allows users to view and edit the EXIF metadata of photos on their iPhones, including those transferred from digital cameras.

Transform your photo discovery experience by downloading Photos Search today!

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